Inspiredby Windows 8 for PC. At this point if ur not seeing ur highlighted hotspot just run ur finger randomly over the workspace to find it, then reposition and resize as normal. I took his permission and adopted his design to create these stand-alone skins. You can either configure it to display just the time , day and date or a loads for other things including weather,alarms,temperature,battery percentage etc.. Small, Medium, Large, Extra large It has got the ver same HTC phone look. Also, notevery functionality can be provided, because this is NOT Windows8.

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Then will go to “Accessibility” – “Services” – “Launcher8 statusbar notification active” – Activation it. Click on”Start” on the left top corner of the home screen 2. Circle theme for apo T-Mobile theme chooser CyanogenMod The new amazing ubuntu Os has thrilled thousands of mobile junkies including me.

Support icon theme, compatible with most icon packs4.

Tiles UCCW Theme (GApps Pack) APK download |

Themed-1 System2 Camera2 framework3 Settings5 More here and there. Select Windows 8and hit apply. How toremove the notification icons and number: Fast Search, quickly search pictures, videos, webs, contacts, andSMS. If I install apk’s I get lumiia widgets “as is” i.


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How to get iOS 7 ui on any android mobile? Each skin can launch one dedicated app. Open yourCharmbar and select “Search” or “Start” Where is the desktop? From the version 2.

It covers most of the UI ,Mainly the Tiles and and the app list. This theme makes your device look lumiw and cooler. If you have any questions aboutLauncher 8, just feel free to let us know. This will app beupdated continuously since it’s my only app.

Many people can think alike so if you find similar content anywhere else it is just a coincidence. Trending words in the search bar, track all popular events.

The parts themed by demo versionare–Framework-settings-SystemUIPlease buy the lumka version tounlock all the features.

You can addthem to favorites or share. I can edit the hotspots or the apps they are supposed to launch.

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You can makeshortcuts to hidden setting screens which are usually notaccessible. Launcher 8 is an excellent appfor you to experience the Wins phone -style UI on your Androiddevices. Keeping thelook and feel of Android versions 4. Download the app and install it2. I had clearly mentioned in the app description that “Windows Phone 8” kumia trademark of Microsoft and this app is not affiliated or endorsed by Ufcw in any way.


Transparent status bar clone for Android 4.

Download Tiles UCCW Theme (Games Pack) APK

It has got wp.81 ver same HTC phone look. How can I open Settings of this App? Select Solid Metal and hitapply. How can I uninstall this launcher? Don’t review or give bad ratings if you don’t know how to use it ordon’t know how to root your phone,I will not reply to them because they are not review of theproduct.

Drag it tosomewhere on the screen. Thank you to those who paid and had it exclusively first.