Want to create an award for a Fantasy Football league? Here are some of the current priorities in terms of what we would upgrade with your donations. Yet the nostalgia of the older days of gaming still bring up good memories, despite any glitches, errors or annoyances that may have been associated with it. Supporting these artists by making these carts available in limited quantities is our way of showing support for something truly cool. Many of us look back at those days with intense sentiment and nostalgia.

g33k visual style

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The inspiration was really just wanting to create something neat that could be made by artists who share a love for gaming art, both retro and modern.

g33k of the w33k – 72 Pins

The interview is down below so please read, enjoy, and support their work either by buying a cart or just spreading the word.

Donate to make us better! We certainly do not view our use of a few hundred games as decreasing the stockpile. Are there any other game carts that you would like to use as a canvas, or are you sticking with the NES style for the foreseeable future?

Ron October 20, at 5: Maybe the tooth cart could be Forza? Here are some of the current priorities in terms of what we would upgrade with your donations. Artists are most welcome to send samples of their of work.

How many artists are currently working over at 72 Pins, and what was the process for finding them? Each pixel was laid by mouse, then scolded for being out of place, relocated, erased, sent to bed without dinner, and finally replaced until each design seemed to work.


How difficult is it to find these used games, and is there any game in particular that you have used more than others? Over the years, as younger generations have grown up, there has been a push to remember your roots. They then take an old NES cart, remove the old artwork, and put the new artwork on it.

Anything rare or produced in limited numbers would not be cool.

Best G33k images in | Film posters, Movie posters, Movie poster art

Our styls wanted to make something with a little more depth to it. What game series have you gotten the most requests to make a cart for?

Is there an original NES game that you would not want to put your artwork on? The art team at 72 Pins then transfer that artwork onto a high grade vinyl, complete with an extra gloss layer to ensure that they last for a very long time.

It would be a beautifully illustrated headshot of Tyson smiling with a gold cart filling the missing tooth gap.

While we have you, we would also like to thank Lila who is the media contact at 72 Pins for all her help during this process. We were raised in a realm where a video game character being a square was a beautiful, complex thing. Joseph Valenti Founder of g33kWatch, Joe is the guy who makes sure nobody hurts themselves.


Official Website Official Store Twitter. Many of us look back at those days with intense vissual and nostalgia. Just shoot us an email at info 72pins. I am going to answer the hell out of this question. Each design and there are many on the way t33k created by 1 of 3 artists, and features redesigned contemporary game art, then placed onto a working, vintage NES cart.

Livestream Schedule Monday – Friday 5: We wanted people to understand that creating neat original video game art is what we are about.

g33k visual style

Sure, that phrase could sometimes apply to your family, or the neighborhood you grew up in, it can also be applied to the games that you used to play as a kid. Want to create an award for a Fantasy Football league?

Arius Red | ADSB’s BLOG (Andy Darmawan SB)

If people are interested in doing artwork, how can they get involved? We used somewhere between different vintage cartridges that were not sought after titles, and were published in the s of thousands if not millions.

We have too many other immediate ideas in the pipeline.

g33k visual style

We were really intrigued to find out that you use actual used NES game cartridges, not just reproductions.