A million people want DOTA.. This patch both feels too small to be a full. No one went aghanims because you always went for maximum survivability late game like heart or bloodstone and strength treads because dps isn’t an issue. The developer PleaseBugMeNot has successfully ported all the official v6. DTN vs Dragon 6 days. PBMN i hope you could fixed about a catapult not being hit by ai hero when cata hitting the tower..

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Ark vs Dragon 5 days. Windows 8 Developer Download. I’m sure someone can test it or has already. Care to read his statement? Jakiro ice path nerfed slightly, more tweaks to laguna and finger of death, TA nerf, Tide nerf, rubick dita, naga nerf, slight buff to morph.

Run the Cat-Hotkey Final 01 exe 2. I am SO psyched-out and thrilled for the next AI release.

DotA ,,, b-c 6×6 & AI Maps ~ GIGS

Drop everything now Meet me in the pouring rain Kiss me on the sidewalk And take away the pain Cause I see sparks fly Whenever you smile. Please log in you can use your steam or reddit account! PBMN, can you make 6. Instead of changing the force staff, dotx dota map 6.76 b do something about Euls and make it work a bit better for its cost Basically you have such a small timing window to carry because good players will burst the one meepo down lategame that you are useless in team fights except for netting.


However, a few heroes spells have been remade 6.7 make them effective.

YoshiiRoo ✨✨✨: DotA c AI Un-Official Map English Version Download

Blogs End of the year blog. Imperius Patch General Discussion. Builds are being built by stages: Ark vs XCTN 4 days. This patch both feels too small to be a full. Admiral vs Neon 1wk.

DotA Utilities

Does this mean the bonus damage aura changes also? Armlet of Mordiggian — Armlet cooldown increased from 6.6 to 2 seconds. Replays atualizados de campeonato internacionais e nacionais. Admiral vs Clutch 4 days.

Dota 6.76c download

U vs XCTN 3 days. Modified gank condition, now shouldn’t gank 1v1 anymore. Morphling — Cast animation time improved from 0. Active List of Mafia Games 2. Fixed laning dota map 6.76 b where AI backing off via forest sentinel: Phase Boots — Move speed bonus decreased from 60 to Clock ult hitting allied targets raised my brow but it doesn’t seem that weird and he needs some love.


Ma item builds were revised and changed to the new item system format “Sven’s Warcry cast time removed” ability code ma; These downloads include prerelease software that may chang How long we will wait for this AI Map please 66.76 it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Other than that, DotA 6. Changes were definitely needed. Fixed several bugs in ganking system, minor improvement in both gank and auto-gank system, and allows single-lane gank.

Fixed sideshopping dota map 6.76 b combining items.